I Need to be Brave?

The story of a well intentioned dad who’s effort to motivate his daughter backfires.

SUPERishDAD Misses Roxie

Remembering the goofiest, most kind-hearted dog the world has ever known. Click here for my most memorable Roxie stories.

SUPERishDAD Sees the Sea

My wife and I decided to take a short vacation this year to Daytona Beach, Florida. We didn’t quite know what to expect, since we were going such a long way with a toddler. Keep reading to see how it went! I’ve actually been to Daytona once before with a friend, but this was Lisa…

The Value of a Non-Climbed on Dinner

Either you already know what it’s like eating with a toddler and this blog will be validating or you don’t know what it’s like and this blog will help you stop taking that aspect of your life for granted. If you like this blog, make sure you like and follow SUPERishDAD. Don’t forget to follow SUPERishDAD on Twitter and Instagram as well. Your support is greatly appreciated.

SUPERishDAD Sees a C-Section

I want to share what it was like for me to watch my wife have a C-section. As a first time dad, it was a whirlwind experience and I think it’s important to share with other first time dads, or birth partners, so they have an idea of what to expect. Needless to say, I…

The Origin Story

Welcome to my blog. My name is David Kelley, also known as SUPERishDAD. I decided to start a blog of my own because I am a stay at home dad and want to share my experience with others.  My days are filled with love, confusion, joy, disgust, frustration, cute moments, learning opportunities, mundane tasks, new…