HapTim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

As a dad I never enjoyed carrying the over the shoulder diaper bag because it felt like I was carrying a purse. I knew I needed something different so I got on Amazon and found the HapTim Multi-function large baby diaper bag backpack (there has to be a less wordy name for this thing). That way I looked like a 34 year old high school student versus a dude with a man-purse. That’s way better, right?

Link to Amazon for Diaper Bag Backpack


I’m very pleased with the look of this backpack. It comes in grey and dark grey. I opted for dark grey because I like darker colors. I would have been happy if it came in black, but since they don’t offer that option, the dark grey works well enough. The backpack does a great job of hiding how much storage capacity it actually has on the inside. On the outside it looks almost like a normal backpack, which I appreciate.


When I first held the backpack in my hand, it felt like a relatively small backpack. I have been amazed with how much stuff I’ve been able to cram in there. It has tons of compartments to keep everything sectioned off and neat. Multiple compartments have zippers as well. It also has insulated holders for 3 bottles. The makers of this backpack have done a great job of utilizing every available storage space.

I’ve been using this backpack since May 2017, which means that I’ve used it for almost a full year. Overall I would say it has held up fairly well, but there have been a few minor issues. First, it doesn’t really sit up straight anymore. I don’t blame HapTim for this, because I think that I’ve kept it overloaded for a long time and it hasn’t been able to keep its form. Second, the stitching at the top of the backpack has started coming undone. It seems to be purely cosmetic and hasn’t affected my ability to use the backpack, but I was somewhat disappointed that it didn’t hold up. Third, one of the stroller straps on the outside of the backpack is coming off. The other two issues don’t bother me, but the stroller strap is something we consistently use. If we go to a park, Dollywood or Zoo Knoxville, we always attach the backpack to the stroller and now one side looks like it’s hanging on by a thread. I’m sure we have over packed it, but the bottom of the backpack rests on the basket of our stroller, so the straps are not holding all the weight of the bag.


When I bought this backpack a year ago, I paid $56.99 for it on amazon.com. I saw when I created the link that it now sells for $46.99.  I honestly think it’s worth it. Despite the stroller strap breaking, it’s been a great diaper bag for us. It’s comfortable to wear, has tons of storage space, multiple compartments, and doesn’t look like I’m carrying a man purse. I didn’t feel ripped off paying $56.99 and the fact that it’s come down 10 more dollars is even better.


I’m very happy with this diaper bag backpack.  I love the look of it and it’s comfortable on my back.  The storage space is impressive and the insulated bottle holders are nice.  The price is a little higher than an over the shoulder diaper bag but still very much worth it.  My only concern after a year’s worth of use is the stitching.  The stitching on the back of the bag is only a cosmetic concern, but the stroller strap coming undone hurts its functionality.  Hopefully my backpack is an isolated incident.  Other than that, it’s been a great diaper bag backpack.




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